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Orphans Matter

Most of the orphans in Gonaives Haiti have spent their entire lives in an orphanage run by El Shaddai Ministries, International. The orphanage, school and clinic is the only reality they know. They live, learn, work and grow here. And until 2014, their activity was dictated by the rising and setting of the sun. With funds raised from Ride 4 Orphans, their lives were forever changed by the flipping of a switch. 

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Ride 4 Orphans was started in 2013 to raise funds to support orphan projects at our SRC church plant locations in Chad, Malawi, Haiti, India and local foster care organizations, 4KIDS of South Florida and Place of Hope at The Leighan and David Rinker Campus.

Everyone is invited!

Everyone is welcome to participate! From children to first-time riders to passionate enthusiasts - we have something for everyone!

Join us in making a difference!

Since its first year, over 3000 riders have participated in the annual ride and have raised over $300,000. One hundred percent of all proceeds go directly to chosen organizations who work with orphans and foster children locally and globally.

2018 Sponsors

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Interested in donating to Ride 4 Orphans or to an individual fundraiser? 100% of all proceeds go directly to the organizations working with the orphans.